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    I just had a new Carrier Comfort 80 Oil Furnace - Model 58CLA (lowboy) installed. It requires two filters, each 12x20x1 (at least that is what is in the furnace now)

    Yet, going to Lowes or Home Depot, I only see either 14x20x1 or 10x20x1. Any thoughts? Is the size I need rare?

    Also, I'm considering purchasing an electronic air cleaner, any opinions on these?


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    You should be able to get a case of them from the contractor that installed the furnace. EAC's are nice, get a quote from you contractor for installation.
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    Just because the local hardware store doesn't have them on display doesn't mean that the main warehouse doesn't carry them. Do It Best and Ace Hardware stores can usually have your order within a week sometimes the next day if the warehouse is nearby.
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    you must commit to maintain the EAC. but then, you should be changing filters now. Mom had one in early 1960s -- I maintained it, mostly. took to you- squirt- em car wash ~ 1/ea 2 mo.

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