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    I want to install a new register vent into the basement ceiling as we don't have any down there as of yet. I have the option of having the vent point straight down from the ceiling or I can have it point into the room. Which is the prefferred way of doing this? Basement is a finished walkout basement, located in Denver. Vent either way is at least 15 feet from a door or window. Thanks for the advice.

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    It all depends on how "finished" you basement is. If you can access the ceiling to put it in with significant space so that there is good airflow then that is probably the way to go. Coming into the side doesnt sound bad either. It really depends on how much work you want to go through to add that supply to your basement.

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    IMO i would put it in the ceiling if you don't have a much longer run. The shorter the run the better.

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