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    greetings all!I hope someone can help me out here.I am presently looking at replacing my old forced air gas furnace with a new unit with cental air.I am looking at a 60000 btu unit and 2 ton ac.the furnace will be a direct vent high efficiency unit.My latest quote was for a "keeprite" brand unit.I am having problems finding any information on this brand on the net.Can any one comment on this brand in regards to quality and durability?Thanks for any help.

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    made by ICP..... same thing basically as Heil, Arcoaire, Tempstar. They use a smart personal preference is about anything WITHOUT a smart valve.. Not the top of the line but seem to work out pretty well. I'm not a big fan of their furnaces but I do kind of like their a/c's especially the 14 SEER unit. Quiet, seem to do the job pretty well and has a ten year warranty on compressor.

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    First, finding a competent installer is the key to the systems reliability!

    Make sure you do research to find the correct company.

    Second, the KeepRite brand is a product of UT (United Technologies). They own two branches. 1.) Carrier 2.) ICP KeepRite falls under the ICP line.

    If installed properly you can depend on the unit for years of service with very little problems.

    I would recommend that you opt to install a media filter to that unit for air quality and to maintain a better, more efficient furnace. That will last longer due to its cleaner running environment.

    What furnace model (NP2, *9mpd, *mpt, or *mpv)
    did they quote you on?
    And what model (NAC or HAC) of condensing unit?
    (The coil will be either an EPD, EXD, EPM, or EXM)

    The warranties are a little better as you lead towards the high (performance) models.

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    The smart valve issue was resolved years ago.

    Don't let this keep you from buying the new, improved models. They have changed that valve design twice in the ICP line since the valve problem. Neither of the newer valves have had any issues.

    Like any manufacture, you can pick on something they have had problems with, but most of the valves in question were replaced under the 5 yr manufactures warranty.

    As to the condensers, any of their scroll compressor units run really quiet.
    You can add sound blankets to the lower end models, if noise is a concern.

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    I would just like to say thanks to all who replied to my queeries.I have learned a lot from this site,espaecially the wall of pride section with all the critques and observations.My new installation/replacement/upgrade will be going ahead as soon as I get one more quote in.I will try and get some before and after pics for your perusal and comments after all is done.Again thanks to all.For info,will be replacing 20 yr old 'olsen' with a new he unit and central air along with an update to a direct vent wh.(chimney is shot,thats why the direct vent equipment).

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