Well, I seem to have picked up the house from "The Money Pit".

I don't expect any DIY advice, even if some of this sounds like I'm asking for it. I know just enough to be dangerous and I realize that and I *will* find a contractor for this work.

Here's my deal. I'm lease/purchasing a house with an agreement that anything I have to put into it applies to equity when I finally purchase the place, so even if big dollars come into play I get them back eventually, but fronting the money is a problem.

The house has a split system, a coleman "800" series, if I read it correctly, that was supposedly installed in the early 80's. It's a single speed natural gas furnace with direct ignition, with the air conditioner's a-coil directly above.

First problem... one day I come home and notice it's rather warm, the A/C is on, and there's no air flow. I walk down to the basement where the unit is located, and there's water everywhere. Drain line's clogged and water's streaming from holes in the ducting, covering the base of the control space ont he furnace, just everywhere. I pulled the drain line off and there was a plug of rust, cleaned that out and it drained. Problem solved.... or not. The condensor freezes solid after about an hour of use, even when the humidity's not bad and the temperature differential isn't big. I figure the charge must be low, something I can't handle, and the a-coil's probably corroded beyond repair.

Second problem... I wake up one night during this dogwood winter we're having and it's 60 degrees in the house. I hear the forced draft blower running, but no blower, even set to "on". I check the furnace, reset it, and I can see the spark from the DI, but no flame. Gas valve, pressure sensor, centrifugal switch... I know how to fix just about anything but I'm not willing to kill myself with a stupid mistake.

So... and I know I'm stretching to ask this without pictures or more data (which I can get) but... what's going to be the recommendation here, repairs to one or both, replacing just the A/C, or replacing the entire system up to the ducts? And who's a good contractor to use here in Knoxville, around the east end of town?

The installation's not in a bad place, it's in the garage, all the ducting's right there, back the truck right into the garage and drop the unit off if you want... only thing I might be concerned about is that the outlets in the ducts may be a little undersized.

If you need to know more, I'm not afraid to crawl around, measure things, take photos, and research model numbers, floor space, etc. for y'all.....

EDIT: The reason I'm asking now, and why this is important, is that I have a roommate/tenant moving in *monday*. The house stays pretty stable between ~65 and 75 right now, but it's going to get warmer...