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    Hi folks.I thought i was successfull in submitting this but i guess not,so here goes again.I am looking to install a new furnace and central air unit.My latest qoutes are for a 'keeprite' system and a'hiel' system.These wiil be 60000 btu HE units with 2 ton ac units.Can anybody comment on the various pros and cons of these two brands as tomreliability,quality etc. etc?Thanks for any help.

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    Keeprite & Heil are the same people. Just be sure you are comparing like models, since there are low end and more premium units.

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    Best thing to do is go with the best warranty and the best installer. Make sure they pull a permit and have the job inspected. I have a 80% Heil furnace in my home and have had no problems. In addition, make sure the installing company does a manual j load calculation and submits it to you. This will determine the size of the equipment in your home. Best wishes!
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