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you guys gettin paid for defending Goodman so much.... Seems like you spend an aweful lot of time defending them..
First, I have never sold a Janitrol/Goodman product.
Second, I do see a lot of failures with this equipment.


Because its getting installed by people that don't read and follow the instructions. They sell to anyone making their products look bad, by not selling to qualified installers.

Does this make the equipment junk?
No, it just doesn't say much about their marketing ideas.
(I feel they care about numbers, not quality)

But, their quality is making them money now isn't it?

It may not be your way to do business, but that's for them to decide.

Things are changing for the better.
And the things that are making it better, is by having permits and inspections become mandatory for all locations. Testing requirements, to be able to sell/install/service equipment. I feel things are going to get tougher on the DIY in the near future.

We just have to wait it out as it happens. Just like anything else.