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    Trying to figure out if this new system is just low-efficiency, or there are air-flow problems around the condenser.

    Mother-in-law's landlord installs new A/C and gas heat recnetly. A/H is ArcoAire, condenser has no discernable name on it really, but it's definitly new. However, it's one of those appartment models, where the hot air sprays out out just above intake thru the condenser coil. I bet 80% of that hot air is brought back thru the condenser coil. Is this why the temp. of the hi-pressure line coming from the condenser is much warmer than it should be? On my 17-year old Carrier, the temp has to be 95 out, before the liquid-line gets as hot has hers is, when it's 70 out. Inside, I bet I'm not getting that 20degree split that's desired.

    The unit probably cant be more than 20K BTUH, it's a small apartment. Can I build a cardboard baffle to seperate the condenser airflow, or might this also point to a refrig. charge issue?

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    I think someone needs to check the SH & SC on the unit to assure it's working within specifications!

    Building anything around the unit is a waste of time, as it should not be needed.

    Another observation would be, who knows whether your unit is operating efficiently anymore?
    Have you had it checked by a qualified, competent tech?

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