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    Heat exchanger on wood stove for hydronic system

    So a client asked me to put together a hydonic floor under his slab, I said no problem. He then showed me a giant 1920's cast iron wood stove that he wants to use to somehow heat water.. What is the best way to exchange heat from this beast to heat up a "head" or manifold which in turn will feed my hydronic system. Thanks. The more info the better.

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    this is not a good idea. it would be cheaper to use a water heater. you would need alot of expensive parts to make this work and even then it likely wouldn't work right. you would need to make it seperare systems so you can keep the floor loops cool enough. it will be verry hard to sustain 70deg water temp with a wood stove. if it runs away it will cost alot more in damage than it would to run a water heater.

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