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    I am servicing a building that has T1 connection. Can I link a metesys system vie this connection instead of installing a tel line so that I can dial in ,

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    That would all depend on which Metasys supervisory controller you've got.

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    Lightbulb Metasys

    An NAE is a web server
    If you are using a Companion system M3 can be tied into it
    If your using A N30 you can use the Web software. (It is very expensive and not worth the cost)
    A NCM can be tied into an NIE and it can be servered up on a NAE

    If you have a older system than the NAE, the most cost effective thing to do would be to set up one of the following:

    A VPN access to the Computer and take control over it
    Access through the router on there LAN or WAN, SAM, MAN or what ever happens to be there network and take over the computer that has the software on it.

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    Install a Fieldserver and an ilon100 (very inexpensive). Use the RNI with some LON software. (take your pick)

    ....that's if you only want read/write and not config.

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