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    You hit on something there, friends. I do have many friends there and it's going to be hard but your right, They are still going to be there and the others well...

    I DID it! I got the Job and it's a good one. I'll have a whole city to meself and one major account (30 gas stations) and then a couple small ones. I start two weeks from Monday. Monday I will resign from the saftey blanket and get a real job in HVACR. AS work increases he will hire on another man and I'll be lead wrench. It's so laid back in comparison I had to ask where is the pressure? He said there is none, call for help if you need it and fix the rest. WOW. I'm loving the idea of appreciation already. BTW it's all light commercial. Thanks for your guys help and suggestions.
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    Congrats Wright....let us know in about a month how things are going and if you feel you made a mistake.
    How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?

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