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    Aux heat problem

    I have a EWC BMPlus 3000 rev B Ultra Zone Control system with a Comfort Aire 2 stage Geothermal. My problem is my electric bill is way high. I was told by the tech that my control panel will light Y1 when 1st stage heating is being used and Y2 when the 2nd stage is being used, then finally EM when emergency heat is needed. My system is going from Y1 then straight to Emergency heat after about 30 minutes. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

    I have turned off my emergency heat breaker, is that ok?

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    My thermostat distinguishes between aux heat and emergency heat. Emergency heat is only the backup electric elements while the aux heat is both. You might want to check and see what is actually going on. I think emergency is activated when it thinks the compressors aren't working at all.

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    Without seeing the system, it seems like a wiring issue with either the thermostat or zoning control. Best course of action is to have installing contractor come out and verify the aux. strips are not coming on with the second stage heat.
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    Not sure if you got the problem fixed or not - but I thought I would reply anyway. I have seen this problem before. It was a bad thermostat. Swap the thermostat out and see if that helps.

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    We use thermostats that can delay the electric heater uptown 120 min. Also w/ outdoor sensor can stop heater according to outdoor temp. We set it below 20 deg.

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