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Thread: Parts ID Please

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    how ever you are getting this unit and you friend with thirty years in the trade doing it
    at least you being responsible to the enviorment by repalcing that unit
    water sorce with refrigerant leaks can contaminate the water and go back into the ground and cause more problems
    once a unit like yours leaks it should be repaired before adding freon or just replaced
    in this case that is my top concern
    the part you discribed sounded like some type of filter set up or flo control

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    open loop it's a valve to shut off the water when the unit shut off.

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    Thanks tinknocker and hvacman, that's the only info that I wanted initially. I never meant to cause a ruckus but guess I did ? Anyway, the contractor that came out is one of the largest in my city and surrounding area. He was the one that suggested that it needed a charge in the first place. He didn't seem too concerned with the atmosphere because I asked him and he just sort of shrugged.

    Oh well, sorry to all for adding to the negativity.

    Great informative site !!


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