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    Hello. I'm in the process of selecting a central air for my home here in NJ. I have just finished putting on an addition(add a level) where I had the duct work installed while the framing was open, for the 1st and 2nd floor and did not run ducts to the basement. 1st & snd flr sq footage =2300

    Please follow the Forum Rules No Pricing, Thank you.

    I have gotten 3 quotes
    a. 3.5 trane 14 seer comp=4ttr2042 Ah=4tee3f40
    b. 3.5 trane 14 seer comp=4ttr2042 Ah=4tee3f40
    c. 4.0 rheem 12 seer comp=ramc series ah=pending

    Quote c is not quite finalized, I have asked for a price on a 14 seer unit.

    Basicailly my wife and I are wondering

    1. IS trane better then RHEEM?
    2. The trane literature on the air handler made that unit sound better. Will the trane ah be quiter, have a better filter, better airflow control(my wife does not want bursts of air),etc
    3. Any reason not to go with 12 seer vs 14 seer(besides ROI)?
    4. Compressor noise trane vs rheem, comparable or is one noticeably louder.
    5. r-22 vs 410a which should be selected.

    Thanks in advance for any advice

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    1. Everyone has their own opinion. Lots of fans of both brands on here. Rheem doesn't have the bells & whistles of the XLi outdoor units. But looks like you are being quoted the XR12 which will not get 14 SEER!

    2. Either installed & sized properly will sound similar. Both have similar motors. Noisy air handlers are typically oversized for the duct system.

    3. What SEER has to do with how efficient you want, how much you want to spend and how long you want to wait for your money back. In either brand, you need a variable speed indoor unit to get 14 SEER. In many areas of the country, no ROI on 14 SEER.

    4. Sound rating numbers on RAMC and 4TTR2 should be very comparable. The XLi could be a hair quieter than the XR12.

    5. Big debate there too. Some prefer R22, others say R410a. The Rheem can be had in R410a and R22 just like the Trane.

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