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    What is your views on line sets? How many bends can there be and is there a right and wrong way to bend these copper lines. My particular set up has four bends from the outdoor unit until it gets to the evaporator inside the fan coil. These bends were done by hand and not done by mandrel like on auto custom exhaust systems, so not to restrict flow. When my system is running I can hear the 410A kind of like whistling in the line sets. Is this normal, or is there too much restriction there?

    thorton, with thanks

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    as long as there are no kinks in line set how it is bent does not matter. feel under inulation on large line you will be able to feel copper line.number of bends depends on how many it takes to get from point a -b. not going to be tight bends if done by hand so there should be no restriction. sometimes you will hear gas go thru lines, especially near indoor coil at expansion valve.

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    Keep in mind, the number of bends will add to the total length of the lineset. Important when sizing the lineset properly.
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