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    Re: Sorry for the mistake

    Originally posted by conrad1
    [B I am still of the opinion NO FLUX IN ANY REFER SYSTEM!!!!!

    hope that was loud enough!!! [/B]
    Conrad, what do YOU use to join steel to copper?
    Steel to steel?
    Copper to stainless?
    Stainless to stainless?

    If all you ever work with is copper, then copper/silver/ phosphorus alloys work great, with no flux.
    However, in the presence of phosphorus, steel becomes brittle.
    Because of this reaction to phosphorus, a brazing alloy with no phosphorus must be selected.
    The most commonly used is 45% silver.
    It requires a brazing flux.

    Brazing flux is not painted inside of the tubing, like a plumber would do it when soldering.
    Instead it is applied only to the male portion of the tubes to be joined.
    A good technique is to clean the joint, inside & out, then slip the joint BARELY together.
    Next, brush the paste flux over the male portion of the pipe. Then slip the fitting together.

    Contamination by flux will be minimized by using this method.

    "Refer" manufacturers braze with flux every day when, dissimilar metals are used.

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    brazing flux or solder flux is not where the acid problem comes from it is from lack of knowlege in the applacation of it. most guys think they are plumbers and just glob it on and go. this is where the acid contamination is from. if applied properly acid is not of any concern as a little flux will go a long way
    best way to apply it is as been told in privious post
    poor workmanship and lack of knowlege is the biggest problem in any system braze or solder

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    Originally posted by bwal2
    6% to 15% silphos with no flux will work on copper to copper.
    Also on copper to brass, with brazing flux.
    Copper to steel, 45% and brazing flux.
    Heres a link:

    Welding supply houses will most likely have nitrogen.
    Great site.

    Much information.

    Get back to work.

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