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    hey brztech, sounds like your on to something with the VSOP conversion, but to answer your question about the oil being saturated with refrigerant besides low oil temp. There is a piping circuit on the YK's and YT's called the oil sump vent line, same theory that is used on the YT's but no vent line solenoid. The pipe comes off the compressor at the lowest or close to the lowest pressure which is near the eye of the impeller and goes to the side of your oil sump-near the internal oil eductor block. Basically used to vent the refrigerant vapor out of the oil sump, pressure goes high to low always. If this doesn't happen your oil laden refrigerant will foam violently and cause your oil pump to cavitate and lose prime or pressure, how ever you may. Hope that makes sense and maybe helps in the future.

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    Also, if you have a conditon where there is warm water running through the cooler during chiller shutdown, the oil gets saturated. Since you can't directly control the temperature of the oil (it's done through the micro panel), you have to look for any abnormal shutdown condition that might cause something like this. The fact that the machine will come up and run on the successive attempts at startup leads me to believe that something along these lines is the problem. POE oil saturated with refrigerant won't necessarily foam as bad as mineral oil, but the refrigerant will thin the oil and create starting problems with the oil pressure.

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    All the info. provided here are all possibile causes of the problem as we are not standing in front of the equipment to witness it you have to decide which one helps you the resources you have are very good.
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    I have problem VSOP drive.chiller is not running but alarm show VSOP contact open.i check 1 and 70 contact normally close. reset alarm but come back again after 20 hrs. change microboard but same problem.Anyone can help.YK MODEL

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