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    can anyone tell me if this is a good thermostat. thanks for all responses.

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    Upgrade to the vision pro. Ask your contractor what it is or go to the honeywell website.
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    Honeywell Vision Pro.. The off the shelf stuff at retails are not good as the REAL Vision Pro.. Lot more "custom" set up can be done.

    I had it since oct, and Love it.

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    Add one more vote for a Vision Pro thermostat. Very precise, easy to program, flexible programming, looks good on the wall as well. I've had other Honeywells and White-Rodgers stats, but this one's my fav.

    and if you want to play with it, there's an online demo here:

    'though the demo is missing many features that the real product has, like auto-changeover, installer menus, service indicators, etc. It's only there to give you an idea of how it works.

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