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    Anyone been to one yet? I'm going to the one in D.C. on Tuesday. Was it worth the time? Any tips on getting the most out of it?


    Here's a link to those who have not heard about it.

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    I went to the one in N.C.
    It is informative for the most part. By that I mean it was repetitious for me who already does LonWorks controls but my supervisor who is in management got more out of it than I did.
    If you have a building owner or consulting engineer who has some questions or concerns about this type of system then I would highly recommend that you bring them with you.
    Even if your customer could not get away for a whole day at least get them into the morning portion. It goes over the basics as to the benefits of LonWorks in a non-tecky business sense way.
    If I had it to do over again I would bring a consulting engineer and or a campus facilities manager. These are the people who will drive this home.
    Good luck and enjoy.

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