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    Quote Originally Posted by ga-hvac-tech View Post
    Each of the conventions has been voluntarily hosted by a person that posts at H-talk. The convention is not really a business meeting; rather a social gathering.

    Someone has to volunteer to host the convention... and then do the legwork to put it together (not for pay, for fun) I watched for a few weeks... nobody else volunteered, so I did. So am I gonna host in Seattle... no, I am gonna host in my hometown.

    If you want it in Seattle next year... then perhaps the thing to do is step up to the line and volunteer to host.

    OK, now that I have explained how it works... Are you coming? Date will be mid Sept, a long weekend. Main gathering will be on a Sat evening. Each person will need to chip in to cover the meeting place and (catered) food. Since Atlanta Hartsfield/Jackson Airport is the largest in the world (in terms of daily seats filled), there should be no issues getting flights here. As time goes forward, information on the area, places to stay, things to do, flights, etc, will be coming.

    So Seaton: Are you in?

    And get picked on by you guys? .

    You can count me in at this time, although with my busy schedule it is always subject to change. I'll bring my heat load program for you guys to see..ha ha ha ha.

    Oh, and Robo has to pick me up from the airport in his pink thong.
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