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See !!! Now you're talking. We just need someone to host the convention. Atlanta would be a great place. You could have it late in the year like October or early Nov. and the weather would still be nice.

As host all you would have to do is line up a hotel. Pick out a place to get-together on Friday night. A big old BBQ on Saturday sounds good.(doesn't have to be) Sunday get together is optional.

The whole key to the success of these conventions is that the host has it in his hometown. He knows the area and what to do. The attendees don't waste a lot of time trying to find out "what" to do. The host has the whole thing planned out for the weekend.
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Sounds good. Put it together and tell us when you are having it
I knew when I hit the send button, I had more or less committed myself...

Tell you guys what: Give me about a week to scout out a few details... and if a few of the folks that have hosted in the past would be so kind as to PM me... I would appreciate the ability to do a little Q&A to get up to speed on what works for this crowd.... I can put this together and make it happen! I have done numerous church gatherings over the years, this should not be hard... Just need a little input as to what the guys/gals enjoy.

SOOO: How about for starters: Guys/gals: Please post what you did and did not like about previous H-talk conventions. THX!

AND: Those PM's from previous hosts would be much appreciated... THX!