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    I have a RUUD 2.5 ton AC that the terminals blew out of the compressor after tripping the breaker. The unit was installed in 1986, so 19 years seems to be good length of service (especially in north Texas).
    Unfortunately for me, I have renewed the TX Home Warranty for the past 4 years, in case of such an event. But in the end they proved worthless denying my claim due to "lack of maintenance". The fact is I have had annual maintenance performed on it each year (and have the paperwork to prove it)! Ironically I had received a reminder in the mail that it was spring cleaning time the day before this all started.
    Anyway, the technicians dispatched to my home by TX Home War. reported that the coils were covered and therefore the compressor blew. Well they were only partially correct in my opinion (non-pro), the unit has four sides and the side closest to the compressor (that is not vented) was covered by some lint/dirt like material, while the remaining sides were clear of debris.

    So I have a couple of questions:

    Is there any recourse, or basis for my warranty claim to be denied?

    I have had 2 bids for all new Trane gear including 4 ton XL14i, internal coil & XV80 Furnace.

    Should I replace the entire system at once? Is it harmful to new equipment to be hooked up to the old stuff until it finally fails?

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    I'm paid for maintenance and the company that did the maintenance didn't clean the coils?

    Sounds like the people doing the so-called maintenance owe you a new condensing unit.

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    At minimum you need the outdoor unit, new tubing and a matching indoor coil. With the XL14i, you need the XV80 to get 14 SEER. Without it, you'd run 12-13 SEER on the old blower. You could go that route and upgrade to the XV later.

    Sounds like a typical home warranty screw job. Take pictures of the clean coils under the louvers as proof the unit was in good shape.

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    Yes the coils were cleaned each time the unit was serviced. But the unit is due for service this month, it has been a year since the last cleaning/service.

    TX Home War. told me my documentation was of no concern to them. The only thing that matters is the evaluation performed by the techs. They gave me an address to write a letter to their Customer Relations Dept.

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    Write or call the the State Insurance Commissioners Office,or State Dept. of Insurance ,whichever it's called there ,instead.

    They can't prove that's why it failed,I think you'll see them change their mind.

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    Home warranty companys u'm nevermind
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