There is this guy that wants’ to join the Klondike club in Alaska and he want’s to join it real bad! The Klondike club members decided to give the man a chance at joining their elite club

The initiation is a four part process. First you need to cut a hole in the ice, jump into the lake and remain in the water for 30 minutes. Then you need to drink an entire bottle of whiskey without stopping. Next you need to go into the woods and kill a bear with your bare hands. The final step is you need to “do” an Eskimo squaw.

.The guy goes out onto the lake and begins to cut a hole in the ice. All you can see is the ice flying as he cuts through the ice. Once through he jumps in and swims around. He comes out of the lake 30 minutes later…he’s so cold he’s blue, but he grabs the bottle of whiskey and bites the neck off the bottle and chugs the bottle down without taking a single breath of air.

Next he goes running into the forest and soon there are screams of agony, pain and horror echoing through the valley. Oh, they were horrible screams! Soon the man emerged from the forest turned towards the Klondike club members and asked “now….where’s that Eskimo squaw you want me to kill”.

(if you don't get paragraph 2 again)