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    How do keep a customer from using your knowledge,but not your company?I get these prints for HUGE GEO radiant,wild stuff and it takes alot of time to figure them out. I try BUDGET questions and it seems like I chase my tail.The builders do not let me meet with homeowners and will not even give me a meeting with themselves. I do not need pricing practice,but I would like an answer from someone who runs into this.I do alot of TRACK and semi- custom homes for these builders so I do not wish to blow them up!
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    Give bids but don't give recommendations.

    Don't give them loads calculations, till after they have paid you for the job.
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    Which have you done ?

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    I get frustrated by this too, but finally just recently learned to just "deal" with it.

    This will sound horrible, but I hate when I go to a Middle eastern or Asian persons house and they want options for 8 different combinations AND ask for load calcs...
    I just look at it like its good practice.
    I try my damndest to sell them my company and myself, but 99% of the time its an exercise in pricing...
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    You been used and abused. When we bid radiant,steam or any other job that entails hours of work, $500 charge and if we get the job we credit the customer. In the pas we wasted a lot of time and travel just for them to say "NO THANKS". This way you get serious people who KNOW your serious.

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    I also bill for consulting and design.

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    I have one builder that pays me to bid a job and he is a great guy he knows what it is like.
    He is a great builder and I treat him right and he returns the favor.
    As long as I get a bill in be4 wed. at 4:30 then a check is sent off thursday.
    But he is the only one.
    The rest are o.k. some I can talk to and some I can't. Some I can tell them a standard price some want it down to the penny then it takes over thirty days to get my pay.

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