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    Keeping a warm basement in the winter in Canada is not so easy. The only supply air is a lone ceiling register in the rec room. There is no return air.
    I want to add a return air and a supply air to help give some comfort. I've been told that it is futile to try supply air at floor level because it is very difficult to drive hot air down from the plenum and that is why you find the supply air in the ceiling in all basements.
    Is that true?

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    Air delivery is not my strong suite, but I think no. I think they are in the ceiling because it is easy to put them there.

    I have a bunch of can lights in my basement and it is warm in my basement.

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    the short answer is yes -- you can add all the supplies and returns you desire. The long answer is: without someone to redesign the entire living space, all will probably be uncomfortable! contact a pro. add insulation -- read at --

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    Zone it,tell me where you want in 72 and that's where we stick the stat.The thermostat only knows temp of wall the it is mounted on. Try this sit down there and listen for sytem to come on.Even if you have 20 supplies and 15 returns in basement, if the system is not on it does not matter how or how many vents you have.Try electric baseboard oil filled,with thermostat if zone system cost prohibtive.
    It's NOT the BRAND,it's the company that installs it!!!!!

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    Cold air is the most important, you can't put air into a room without taking it out. low registers do work if designed properly. I had a builder a few years ago who wanted me to run the supplies down low and I refused to do it, because of the duct design would not permit it. Zoning is your best option..a gas fireplace on a thermostat is your cheapest..

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    If you don't have reutnrs in the basement, then add them.. it'll make a diffrence..

    If you have a large open stairways from the basment, all you heat is going to go up.. Again, have right amount of return and then I would have a t-stat to the basment level for heating, and one on main floor for cooling. Then set the dampers for heating and then over again for cooling.. I had good results out of that.

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