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Thread: 12 SEER !

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    CH7536UKA2 is this a 12 seer 3 ton heat pump.
    is this a tempstar and is heil the same unit.

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    Could not find that one right now, but will check on Monday.
    CA75 had a 5 year warranty, so was probably not 12 SEER, but can verify on Monday. And yes, it is a Heil/Tempstar and yes they were the same at that time

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    CA55 is a 10,CA75 is a 11, and CA95 is a 12.....

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    Back then Heil & Tempstar were 100% identical.

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    11 SEER, but would depend on the coil a little bit.
    Early 90's unit. Serial will tell you.

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    Originally posted by BaldLoonie
    Back then Heil & Tempstar were 100% identical.
    Still are, aren't they?

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    Originally posted by special ed
    Still are, aren't they?
    Yes, but Tempstar does have some different cosmetic looks on SOME of their models. Some of their condensors have a slanted top and some of the Tempstar furnaces have SS front doors.

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