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    anyone know where I can find info on the shaping ( angle cuts etc.)and cutting of duct board. I haven't worked with this stuff in 12 years but now have a job where much needs to be installed.

    I tried Owens Corning website hoping to find a pdf file of link but came up empty handed.


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    Try a google search. I found a couple of pdf's, but I'm not on my computer. This computer doesn't have Adobe. I searched for "ductboard cutting procedures". Try to re-phrase if you still come up short.

    If this doesn't help, ask the local supply house to get you a copy of the paperwork that comes with the purchase of the cutting tools. I don't own the tools, but I'm pretty sure the instructions that come with the tools has all that information.

    Get back to work.

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    Knauf Air duct fabrication Manual or NAIMA fibrous glass duct construction standards. some fabrication info.

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    we have machinery that cuts our ductboard but we made a tool to cut circles with using a piece of 1/2 x 2" flat aluminum

    along the length of the flat bar on the c/l holes are drilled and tapped 1/4-20 on the radius of each size and on the end a razor knife blade is attached with an end cap that is also drilled to accept a #10 screw-the end of the flat bar having two holes drilled and tapped to match the holes in the cap

    everyone that uses one has been happy with it. I dont know if that helps or not

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for all the feedback. I ordered the guide from NAIMA should be here within 12 days.

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