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    This may be a stupid question so please forgive me. I plan on having a Weil-Mclain Ultra condensing boiler with an indirect hot water heater and outdoor reset controler installed in my house. When it is 50F outside and the boiler is not firing at 180F to heat the house will it still send 180F water to the hot water heater to heat the water? Or will the recovery time for the hot water heater be slower in the warmer months of the year?

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    have one in my house and you cant beat them
    no it wont affect the water heater as long as it is on priority

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    If it's installed correctly, when the hot water tank calls for heat, the space heating circulator shuts off, the DHW circulator turns on and the boiler resets to 180°. When the DHW call is satisfied, the boiler goes back to outdoor reset and space heating.

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    As the others said.

    The Ultra will go to full mod to get the temp up for the indirect, any time of the year.

    We install them for both commercial, and residential applications.
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