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Thread: small rheem a/h

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    I must have dreamed this. I thot I read in here somewhere about a smaller than normal a/h for tight places. I even thot I remembered the number 16164. I called the hvac business and they didn't know anything about it. I wanted the physical dimensions to know if I have to move a closet wall. I sure thot I read about this somewhere. If there is such a thing, could it be used for a 3 ton ,12 seer ? Thanks for listening.

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    The AH that mates with a RPMD036 12 SEER 3 ton pump is a RBHC17 which is 17.5" wide and 35" tall. Not sure if that's small enough or not. 1st Company and some others make some very small ones but not sure about compatibility with high SEER.

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    If you can get it in there...

    go with the variable speed air handler, that will be 21" wide, 22' deep by 35" high. The air handler, my esteamed colleague Baldloonie alluded to is 22" deep too. As far as I know, Rheem & Rudd makes the smallest air handlers in the market and that's a big reason why I like them. My salesman said something about the 'waffle coil' going away and I suspect that the air handler will 'grow' on count of this.

    Just a quick hey to all on this forum. I've been dropping out for spells at a time, been staying extremely busy. I do have something to brag on. Just got a Testo 523 refrigerant manifold, accurate within 1/2%, built in superheat/ subcooling calculations, made in Germany. Let me tell you, it's sweet! If you're in the business and willing to drop 8 1/2 bens, it puts you in the 'on the money' category when it comes to charging units. Now lets hope it lasts. With the way it's built and all, seems like it going to be tough as a brick. Later,

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    Randy Yates

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    can I borrow it?

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    I only got George's. (Im embarrased to say I dont even know which bill ben is on).

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