Hey guys maybe you can help me. I have a 2 ton 12 seer Goodman package unit and I have wired everything up, I though correctly, however when I try to flip the breaker it throws. I have 2 pairs of wire coming off the HP one for the emergency coil heat and one for the heat pump itself. I have 2 30 A dual pole breakers one for each wire. The emergency heat breaker works fine, however, the heat pump breaker throws anytime I try to flip the breaker. I have a 60 amp shutoff switch on the outside of the unit and have run from that to inside the pump to the 3 connectors inside. I have also used a 18-7 gauge wire for the thermostat and I think that is fine also. Can someone help please. Is the shutoff switch possibly messed up? Or could the thermostat wires be throwing the breaker?