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    We are having a new home built and we have to choose our "Heating/Cooling/Comfort" options.

    We have no idea which ones to choose so I guess I'm just looking for professional opinions. Here we go

    The standard is 80% efficient single speed gas furnace with a 40 gallon water heater

    For $ is 12 Seer Puron Heat Pump with a 50 gallon water heater

    We will most likely go with the standard 10 seer air conditioner since we would have to pay $ for a 12 Seer

    We can add a 2 zone automatic dampering for $.

    Now please keep in mind that we have to pay 1/2 of this all by May 6 and can pay off the rest of the amount by october so that it will not go into our mortgage loan but that will cut out of what we can save for our down payment. Thanks!

    Enrique And Jessica Pineda

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    We don't know where you are or much about your house so hard to give advice. That's a high premium for upgrading the SEER. Be a long payback unless you are in a very hot climate or have a steep electric rate. If a 2 story house, you might appreciate the zoning however. So many 1 system 2 story homes have hot upstairs levels which would be solved by a proper zoned duct system.

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    Sorry I guess I forgot to add the important stuff huh?

    Okay the house is going to be 2 stories and will be 2408 sq ft. It will be just outside Charlotte NC. I don't mind the heat much. I'm a native texan and always like to keep my house around 75 and since I've moved here it has rarely gone above the mid 90's.

    The winter is what is brutal for me since I am not used to cold winters. This last winter was not all that bad though we did get into the 20's a couple of times and had a couple of issues with the heat pump in our apartment. The previous winters where very cold in my opinion with lots of snow and icing. That's why I am so interested in getting a good heater.

    My husband is also considering keeping the standard gas furnace and having a heat pump installed when we have the money. Also the electric rate here is supposedly 21% cheaper than the national average.

    Hope that can help in giving a better opinion.

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    Mercy, You lay out your information better than any HO "Home Owner" thought I would clear that up than I have seen in here in a while probably because your from Tx. keeping the gas furnace would probably be a really good idea especially being from Tx.
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    No sense in installing an AC system then swapping it out for a heat pump. I would think about putting in a heat pump now with a damper. Since you probably don't need a great deal of extra heat, look into a hydro air coil fed off a water heater with a built in heat exchanger (Bradford White combi-cor. AO smith's Promax SL) A simple duel/fuel system. Only issue is a gas WH only lasts 10 years if you're lucky, and these type WH's are cheaper then a gas furnace but you'll be replacing it more frequently. Maybe a gas fireplace or wall heater could later supliment the heat pump system.

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    Why not get a better system now,and include it in your mortgage?Payments won't be that much more.

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    I am a proponent of higher effiency. The higher seer AC and a 90%+ furnace I don't know what the cost difference is but the savings should more than pay for the increased mortgage payment. Try crunching the numbers.

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