We are having a new home built and we have to choose our "Heating/Cooling/Comfort" options.

We have no idea which ones to choose so I guess I'm just looking for professional opinions. Here we go

The standard is 80% efficient single speed gas furnace with a 40 gallon water heater

For $ is 12 Seer Puron Heat Pump with a 50 gallon water heater

We will most likely go with the standard 10 seer air conditioner since we would have to pay $ for a 12 Seer

We can add a 2 zone automatic dampering for $.

Now please keep in mind that we have to pay 1/2 of this all by May 6 and can pay off the rest of the amount by october so that it will not go into our mortgage loan but that will cut out of what we can save for our down payment. Thanks!

Enrique And Jessica Pineda

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