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    I am looking at purchasing a new furnace and AC and have found that what is being offered is hard to compare. The Goodman sounded OK until I started looking into it and found all the negative feedback. I also have had a few dealers offer the Carrier Infinity 58MVP. I trust the name and expect that the system would be great, but the cost is a little high. Another dealer offered me a Xenon saying that it will perform as well as the Carrier. Is this true? Does anyone know anything about the Xenon? I had never heard of it before and have searched the web for information and have not come up with much. I did find one web site that had Xenon's and Amana's well ranked. Is there an easy way to compare between the furnaces?

    Your help is greatly appreciated!!!!

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    Xenon is a private label of a contractors association. Used to be Amana equipment, last I saw was made by York. Just like any brand decision, more up to how good the install is. Seems like they are using the mid line units so not a cheapo product. Only Bryant & Carrier have the Infinity control but Xenon would have a similar performing furnace if your budget doesn't allow the ultimate, big buck system.

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    the bald one is right, it is a york unit. i'm not sure if you can get it in the different color schemes like you can a york.
    make sure which ever one you choose has a good warranty.
    i wanted to put a picture here

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