i go on a call for no cool yesterday.
Indoor unit is running
outdoor fan is running.
compressor is not running.

Our company just installed a new a-coil maybe 2 days ago. The customer is not happy.

I threw my gages and thats when I became confused. Granted the compressor was not running. My low side was 0psig while my high side was at a saturated outside temp 75.

I checked the compressor windings and the terminals were burnt up.

so what confuses me is the 0 psig on the lowside. Could a restiction burn up the compressor? Did the installer of the a-coil not test the unit? Is this just a sad coincidence for the home owner?

It is a 84 intertherm in a beloved mobil home. So it very well could be bad luck. the condensor was not in good shape.

I just thought I'd throw that out.