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    I've applied and received an interview with a school district for an HVAC position. I have residential techincal experience, but have not ventured into the commercial/institutional field:

    Q:What typically does one have to specialize in while working for a large school district? Are there any tips one should know to start studying, learning, familiaring?

    Any help would be appreciated people!

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    it's a government job, who you know is more important than what you know
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    Same thing but different. All systems have a compressor, condenser, metering device, and evaporator. If you have good electrical troubleshooting skills you should be fine.
    Commercial equipment may have a few more bells and whistles; learning them just takes time. Most of the large chillers are usually subbed out to OEM contractors. Comm./Indust. is where the big money usually is. Good Luck. Bob

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    Thanks professional members

    Much thanks to you two for your help....PJP

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    Get the jon, come hang out here and post everything you got to work on. We'll give you tips to keep ya out of trouble.

    The best advcie, once your foot is in the door, is to get aquainted with equipment which is working properly right now.
    That way, when it messes up, you will at least recognise how it is suposed to function.

    Learn the sequence of operation of every piece of equipment you come across.
    That way, you wont be surprised when you throw a switch and nothing imediately happens.
    You will realise there are sometimes a time delay built into a circuit.
    Or the sequence begins with a purge prior to compressor cycling on.

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    Controls, controls, controls. Find out which system(s) they are using if you can and bone up on it. Be open about it- who will be the interviewer? You can always train someone who is willing and able to learn, you can not train a smart*ss, belligerent tech who doesn't think he(or she) needs it. It is what you know AND what you are that they will hire. Good Luck!

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    Depending on the school district. But you can be working on a varity of units from small units, maybe even window shakers, to large units. Split units to package units. Maybe even some chillers maybe not. Reread btexpress and R12's advice.
    Good luck on the interview.
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    If you are working on chillers for the first time be very very careful. A chiller can become an ice machine before you know whats happening, and then you have big problems.

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