Hi, I'm a newbie. I have a 1500sqft 2story townhome in the Orlando, Florida 32714 area. We moved in new 1996. It's ALWAYS Been HOT on my side of the house, south facing. I keep the blinds closed, have solar film AND Dark Curtians on the windows, And R-30+ in the Attic, and the house has always felt humid. Ceiling fans run on high, in all rooms. The rest of the house will be 77 degrees and my room is 80-83degrees.

Unit: we have a 10-SEER A/C unit was installed 1995. Bryant 2.5ton outside unit, 3ton Airhandler w/heatpump. The coil inside has a leak (2yrs now) and I'm in a position to purchase a new unit. I want the best SEER rating I can get & afford based on my research. I'm thinking no less than 14 Ideally a 15-16, and 19 is out of the quesiton. $$$$.

All of the people I've called are pushing 12/13 SEER. To me that's low end; since 13-SEER will be manditory it's seems like they're trying to get rid of their old stock. When I ask for a 15-SEER they look at me funny and quote me $ BUCKS. HOLY COW! I can't afford that. I don't mind paying for products & service's But GEEZE.

My boss in Miami got a Trane 4ton XL14i 2speed for $ Airhandler and outside unit, which is almost a 15-SEER. So I'm thinking why not me too??

The quote I received today was for a Rudd UBHK 14-Seer straight Heat. for $. Is Ruud good? We don't run heat but for 5 minutes in the morning or when we first come home, otherwise the heat is always turned off during the winter.

Any help and advise would be GREATLY Appreciated. I want to save Electric costs. I mean NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE in my post...Please understand, I'm very frustrated & upset over the costs being quoted. I have $4k saved to purchase an A/C and didn't want to charge or borrow the money.

Thank you!!


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