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    Is Sanuvox worth the investment, or does the Honeywell 2 light system work just as well...or are lights overkill and is a good 3M HEPA or some such brand filter near the furnace good enough. It doesn't seem like a lot of firms even have experience installing UV lights.

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    For UVC light Sanovox,Sterileaire,Carrier are all good and there's probably others that are as well.

    UVC light(s) over the coil do a great job often preventing or curing "dirty socks" smell and the area stays free of "stuff" that normally grows there.

    3m is one of the worst filters,"loads up" very fast mayneed to be changed weekly or biweekly to prevent becoming so restrictive that it can damage the equipment.

    A good MERV 10 rated ,pleated filter will do just great.This is still more restrictive than a standard filter,so the Statis should be tested before installing,likely requires some return duct improvements before installing.

    HEPA requires it's own fan as they are to restrictive ,for the furnace or air handler fan to handle.

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    uv lights do not cure dirty socks smell ... they mask it... it will come back ... uv lights are a waste of money ... put the system in right and you will not need them

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    i have had all three of them they all worked but over all ill go back to the honeywell

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    A properly installed UV light bathing the coil in UV light will keep mold spores from setting up house keeping on the coil, but on my own system, I also have a PHI cell, a ERV and use 80% pleated filters. UV lights are effective, but not the cure all that some claim.


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    Filters in forced air systems are to keep the airhandler coil clean. The idea that a forced air filter can make a real difference in indoor air quality is a myth. Uv lights are another myth--save your money.

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