We have had a very old Amana a/c and a newer Amana furnace. Last fall, as part of an addition we contracted to have the a/c replaced and moved to a new location. The dealer was to replace the A coil and install the wiring and tubing in the fall and come back in the spring to install the condensor. The unit listed in the contract is an Amana RCC (12 seer).

I was in the process of scheduling their visit out this spring and was informed that Amana no longer has a distributor in the north suburban Chicago area and the dealer no longer carries it. They want to substitute an Air-Ease "Concept 1200" or "Enhanced Concept 1200". I'm not sure if the distributor thing is true or just an excuse. Regardless:

1) How does Air-Ease compare to Amana?
2) Is this a good substitution or should I tell them no and look elsewhere? They also sell Lennox, but say the Air-ease is better.
3) If I do take it, will there be a problem using an amana A coil with the Air-Ease?

Any help is greatly appreciated.