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    This is quite an unrelated post but I've been an a/c mechanic for 33 years so I figured why not ask the question. I bought a 32" Philips Plasma TV for $3,400.00 two years ago. Worked fine until a couple of weeks ago. Woke up one morning and the normally green on indicator light was flashing red. Set would not go on. Called Philips they told me tv was out of warranty and to more or less go pound sand. Went online and was told to pull power plug out for 4 hours and do a hard reset. Hit the remote about 100 times and the set clicked on and worked fine for 2 weeks. My dog stepped on the remote control and the set went off again this time for good. I brought it to an authorized repair shop and they took $200.00 in cash to give me an estimate. I got the estimate this afternoon. They want $2,000.00 to fix it with no guarantee it will last.I asked what was wrong and the guy tried to double talk me and blow smoke up my ass. I know it was BS. I think they didn't even look at it.

    The problem has to do with a safety circuit in the starting sequence. Possibly a flyback transformer.If the electronic start circuit sees a glitch or a slight overload it scrams and won't let the set come on. There must be a way to jump it out but how. I'm willing to blow it up trying. I'm not spending two grand to fix it. By the way my dog will be getting the cast removed off his ass in a couple of weeks. LOL



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    Well, I know absolutely nothing about plasma tv's...but I have heard that the plasma has to be refilled after two or three years of use. And that it costs about $2000.00 to refill it. Maybe after you blow this one up you should buy an LCD tv instead???

    By the way, take lots of pictures when you do it...I'd like to see them on the wall of...cooooool!!!!

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    Is a plasma tv as reliable as a Tecumseh SF compressor ?

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    Sounds like the switching power supply has trouble starting.
    I would check the caps....
    They dry out over time

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