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    My wife and I are getting quotes for a new furnace and AC for our c. 75 year old house here in Toronto.

    Its a two story with full finished basement, gas heat.

    Both quotes (getting one more) have been ballpark of what we thought.

    We have never had any problem with heating, bills are ok, but our AC never reaches the top floor, and the basement freezes. Not a unique problem, from what I read here.

    The second installer recommended a single-stage furnace and I'm just wondering about his rationale (hope I get this right):

    Since our top story is fed only by a split duct (only two outlets for four rooms), the air can never "decide" which room to heat/cool. For instance (relying on his little drawing here), Room A needs 45 CFM, Room B needs 45 CFM, but the ducts can only deliver 60 CFM.

    I think I know what single/two-stage fans do.

    I'm guessing he's recommending the single stage to "down sell", in that two-stage won't make any difference.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Single stage, 2 stage generally refer to either the a/c compressor, or the furnaces burner.

    You may be confused with a variable blower, which you can have on single or 2 stage equipment.

    Is there no way to get another duct run to the upper floor.

    I would recommend a VS blower, and 2 stage equipment.
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    i would install a zoning system and since toronto is cold, very cold for most of the year i would go with a 90 plus furnace. glad i dont live up north, must be awful to be cold all the the time.

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    Thanks for your responses.

    Yes, I was confused about the stages, got it straight now.

    And, no, unfortunately, we can't re-duct without major reno.

    So, now its between Lennox and Trane (mid-efficiency). Off to do some surfing...

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    As a homeowner, I will NEVER live in another house without 2 stage forced air heating. I live in NJ, where we heat from late September through early May. I recently opted for a 2 stage, variable speed furnace and love it.

    Not only does the 2 stage furnace provide significantly better comfort, but it is extremely quiet on low. When my old single stage furnace ran, the fan noise was almost intolerable. The new 2 stage furnace is still noisy on high, but rarely runs on high. When it runs on low (99% of the time), I can't hear it. I can't tell you how wonderful it is, especially in NJ where the furnace runs quite frequently.

    Another benefit of the variable speed fan is the energy savings. My electric bill was about $30 lower each month in the winter as the furnace uses very little electricity on low.

    Good luck!


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