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    Honeywell TH8110 Issues

    I came across this site while researching issues i'm having with my Honeywell stat. I've had several different concerns and have contacted Honeywell a couple times now. The first time I received good help today not so much. The support tech wasn't really listening to what I said and offered no help, he kept telling me my furnace must be really efficent to raise the temp 2 degrees in 3 minutes even though I told him that wasn't right.

    The stats are in a house we just moved into so I'm still trying to get used to them so what I'm thinking is a problem may not be so any help would be appreciated.

    I had a HVAC guy go over all the programing with me to make sure it was set up correctly.

    Here is the problem:

    Stat is set on permanant hold at 70*. Indoor temperature reads 70*. Furnace is cyclying regularly for the 5 CPH limit. Change the set temp to 68* and within 3 minutes to indoor temperature reads 68*. The stat jumped from 70* to 68* instantly skipping 69*. Raise the set temperature back to 70* and the heat kicks on and within 3 minutes the indoor temperature reads 70* again. It normally takes 15-20 minutes to raise one degree. I did this cycle multiple times to make sure it wasn't a single errorenous reading and everytime I had this 3 minute equalization.

    If I move the set point from 70* to 62* the equalization doesn't occur.

    With the set and indoor temperaure equalizing in minutes I'm not getting any down time for the furnace when we lower the temperature. The unit continues its regular cycle it had when it was set at 70*.

    Like I said any help would be appreciated Honeywell didn't have much for me.

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    is your visionpro ran on just batteries or is the common connected or both?

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    sounds like the info you have given it could be a number of things such as batteries if thats the only source of power to stat i have seen this problem before. defective t stat it even could be that the hole behind the stat is not sealed and you r getting temp differances from behind the wall coming through hole and into the stat. if the hole is larger than stat wire than it should be sealed with silicon. you really need a tech to come out we are not allowed to give advice to home owners for diy fixes ive actually have already given to much info. sorry. call a contractor or if you are in the field than get post count up and apply for pro status.

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    Thanks for what you can do.

    I had our regular contractor out but he wasn't familiar with the stat.

    I had another contractor help me over the phone (when we checked all the codes). He also had me fill the hole in the wall with insulation as we were getting drafts, I'll look into silicone.

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    Nothing unusual. My VP IAQ will do that too. Drop or raise the temp 2 suddenly. Did it yesterday on warmup. Does it in cooling season sometimes too.

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    Thats normal for that line of stat. After you lower or raise it, the temp display changes too. Wait a few minutes, and it changes back to what it previously read sometimes too.
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