Got a Ruud Mod furnace and Mod stat last spring. I installed it this past winter. Great furnace! Anyway, today I noticed that Ruud changed the furnace board and Mod stat board during the 4th quarter of last year-
IFC Revision-04 (62-24174-01) to allow on-demand dehumidification-a production change made some time after I got my equipment.
" a new dehumidification terminal has been added to the thermostat terminal block. This terminal will permit the user to install dehumidification without the need to munipulate any dipswitches. In addition, the control allows the use of two-stage cooling and dehumidification at the same time and separate cooling airflows for high efficiency (up to 16 SEER) cooling."
A single humidifier's humidistat can now be used to control a humidifier in the winter and initiate the dehumidification mode in the summer. The on-demand dehumidification mode reduces blower speed by 15%. It appears the IFC has been modified slightly too. Details appear in pages 38-43 of the latest Mod installation guide.
My questions:
1)Can I modify my Mod to achieve these new features?
2)Will I need a different IFC board?
3)Can I use my old Mod stat and perhaps a different board, or do some other type of work around?
I'm really glad to see Ruud add this feature set for improved dehumidification. I'll be even happier if I can mod my Mod to take advantage of it.