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    BURNHAM vs Buderus vs Peerless

    Hey everyone, any help would be great! Here is my current setup:
    I have a Pensotti r-4 oil boiler with an in-direct hot water tank, but was told by the oil company servicing me that it is on it's last leg. Since I moved into my current (2007), I have had no problems with it, I have been doing the regular service, etc. early Janurary I had one problem, the burner to be to on for hours but no combustion. I called in for service that night (everything happens at night), and they told me that I needed a new water gauge, low cut off, and possibly other new parts. They were able to get the boiler going and that is when the tech said you should replace this NOW.

    So I have been shopping around and have narrowed it down to the follow:

    A peerless wbv-03, a burnham mpoIQ-84 with the outside sensor, and a buderus G115WS-3 with the logical sensor. The pricing for all three are a few hundred dollars apart.

    The peerless and the burnham are both local installers, the buderus one is about 1 hour away. They are all offering the same warranty, etc.

    I am leaning to either the burnham or the buderus, but a little nervous since the installer is not local and that what if happens....etc.

    I am getting the feeling that most of the service people around me are work on either the burnham or peerless.

    any help would be nice.


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    Buderus is the tops!
    Aire Serv of SW Connecticut- Gas heat, dual fuel and central a/c systems installed and serviced

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    Are they all about the same?

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    Oh, the burnham MPO-IQ84 is also 3 pass cast iron. they are claiming 87% AFUE

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    WEll, I would like to thank everyone for their inputs! I have decided to go with the Burnham MPO IQ84 with the outside reset control plus an alliance SL50 hot water tank.

    I would like to get the optional LCD control, but it just too much.

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    No one mentioned Viessmann, great boiler, Buderus is next and Burnham or peerless is way down the line.

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