Recently I had my HVAC contractor who has serviced my home for the last 15 years service one of my units. The problem I was having was I felt it was not producing heat as well as it has in the past. He put a set of guages on the unit and ran a few tests finding nothing wrong with the unit. I accepted his diagnosis as I have no reason not to belive him. With further discusion we talked about a new unit, The Trane XL14i, he gave me a quote & I said I wanted to think it over the next few days. He then leaves me a bill for $135.00 (I have an account & pay latter)
A few days go by & I decide to go for the new unit. I call him up and tell him to install the unit at his earliest convienence. I then proceed to ask him do I have to pay for the service call from last week since I am ordering the new unit. He says "yes, Once we take out our tools It's a work order". I then say but I'm ordering a new unit for $4000.00. If you came here to give me an estimate that would be of no charge. After further discusion he gives in, But is it common practice to have paid for the service call? Thank you for your help Steven Stern