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    I understand about the network dependancy. However, you could generate some defaults fairly easily I think.

    This relies on the communication with the VFD and the controller. I don't think the equation is overly difficult to start... what I mean is that you take in all the pertainent variables. However, looking at Hartman I see he has RPM 100% = 1 and I don't know where he gets his factors...

    In the equation Hartman uses for Valve position you have
    FC1CCVnew = FC1CCV + ( C2 / ( 1.0 + C1 x (PumpRPM - 0.3 ))) x (FC1DAT FC1DATSP) x (C3 + FC1CCV )

    Anyway, the majority of the equation has to cancel itself out leaving just a percentage. Seems like there is a BTUH equation in there somewhere.

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    It appears to me that the resetting of SAP could be used in any climate zone really. Am I right?
    This does seem to be a logical way to save energy prior to resetting the SAT.
    How would resetting the SAP affect the required amount of outside air for the zones? Would we need to reset the mixing dampers open (if there were no dedicated outside air damper system)?


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