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    Damper system or heat pump advice

    Hi all,
    Im looking for some guidance on my HVAC options w/ finishing my basement. Before I start getting quotes, I would like to be more educated on my options.

    When we purchased the our home, the basement was completely framed so I believe the HVAC system we have was intended to be zoned for the basement and the first floor. We got the house via a short sale so the builder ran out of money and didnt complete the basement finish job.

    I had a HVAC sales consultant out to the house and he said we could do, what he called a damper system, but it would cut the life of the compressor and the furnace in half. He suggested we get a third unit in form of a heat pump.

    Can the downstairs furnace/compressor (details below) handle the basement load to if I were to have the system zoned? If it can handle it, would it really cut the life of the units in half? My wife really doesn't want a third unit outside and the addition of a heat pump would require extensive work outside. We'd have to rearrange of the compressors to maintain the proper distance from the gas and it's on a steep grade so would have to do some potential grading/ground work.

    House details:
    1st floor (1700 sq ft) has a 2.5 ton Trane XB furnace (in basement) w/ 3 ton Trane XB 13 compressor.
    2nd floor has its own furnace in the attic and its own compressor. Im not sure of the details but the compressor is half the physical size of the other.
    Basement has 1130 sq ft.

    Thanks for helping me get educated!

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    Cgol, Repost this in a new thread under residential

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