An Israeli, a Brit and an American were taken captive by 6 cannibals on a South Sea cruise. Being somewhat more civilized than most, the cannibals offered each a last request before they were to be eaten.

The Brit asked for and got fish and chips with a good, stout beer.

The American asked for and got a complete steak dinner and a ice cold Bud.

The Israeli asked if they wouldn't mind simply kicking him in the behind.

The cannibals were shocked at the request and refused. They argued back and forth until the the chief of the cannibals relented and had each man kick the Israeli. Several times the Israeli requested that they do it again and each time they obliged, enjoying it more and more with each kick.

To the amazement of the Brit and the American, upon receiving the final kick, the Israeli pulled out an Uzi he had hidden on his person and promptly emptied the clip into the cannibals, freeing himself and the other captives.

"Why didn't you pull that out before and spare us all this trouble?" cried the Brit and the American, as the Israeli quietly put his weapon away.

"I didn't want you guys to think I was the aggressor..."