I am from Colorado. I am an 11 year technician. My role for the company I work for in the last 4 years, has been servicing, and starting up light commercial/industrial equipment. I will soon be wiring my first Carrier DDC job, Carrier will help with the comission on this one, and the next job will be all mine. (Which starts soon after). I am excited about doing more control related work, since that is what I enjoy the most. My education has mostly been on the job, learning from anybody that I can sponge info out of. I also read or research anything I can't figure out. I did go to a crash course on basic a/c and gas fired furnaces at PEG/Service Experts, Little rock when I was brand new to the industry. I am NATE certified A/C, and EPA certified. I hope to continue to add to my NATE certs. Anyways, that me in a nutshell, I am looking forward to having this forum as another way to learn.