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    Guys: I have a number of sites that I remotely monitor and troubleshoot remotely before we send our guys out. None of the sites currently have web access, only dailup of some kind (VT100, direct, or PC Anywhere). As we have moved to more and more graphics the access has gotten slower and slower... Any solutions for this problem other than a web based access? My boss has said he will pay for a faster line but if the other end still has a reg line there is no benefit right?

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    Whats the manufacturer that you use for the DDC , are all sites the same or a mix of various vendors ?

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    ALC and Johnson right this minute... Webctrl is the slowest by far.

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    Do the remote sites have ethernet tcp/ip? If they do, you can probably route the control lan to the ethernet. If these are customer sites, you'll need a connection to their network.

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    An NAE is a web server
    If you are using a Companion system M3 can be tied into it
    If your using A N30 you can use the Web software. (It is very expensive and not worth the cost)
    A NCM can be tied into an NIE and it can be servered up on a NAE

    If you have a older system than the NAE, the most cost effective thing to do would be to set up one of the following:

    A VPN access to the Computer and take control over it
    Access through the router on there LAN or WAN, SAM, MAN or what ever happens to be there network and take over the computer that has the software on it.

    CCN has a web module, be carefull with this. High traffic on the network or a Pick thrown into the works than it's off to the reaces.

    CCN also has a Bacnet module, you can try to intergrate it into other web devices.

    LON: Well enough said, there are tons of different ways of getting the systems on the web.

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    We have ALC at our site and currently use WEBCTRL, so far so good. 5 of our bldg's. are wireless access using d-link and the others dsl/blackbox/ethernet. Prior to the technology we used modems to remotely connect.

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