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    24" door opening
    67" from floor to [plenum]

    filter base
    furnace [Trane]
    evaporator {Trane} =67"

    Well after installing furnace and coil cabinet tie-in to existing plenum, guess what coil won't go through the door..

    Remove drain pan,flex coil; up inside plenum sit down on drain pan secure...Back to normal but, that was the worst closet that I have worked on in the past 10 years.
    Thought that I was finished but, no had to go run some boots & flex on remodel,because they will sheetrock Saturday..

    New company I started with 2 weeks ago..

    Job description: Service Technician/ what ever else comes in..
    'Life begins with the journey each day'

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    You gotta love it when you become services tech, installer, black iron fitter, plumber, and baby sitter extroirdinaire. I don't mind service work or install work. But when I get asked to do stuff like go run the black iron in this house, it sucks, I don't keep that many fittings or a threader on my truck. The truck was ready to frag the asphalt as it was without adding 200-300 pounds more fittings and equipment. Also, my former employer bought black pipe in 20' lengths, my van could hold 10' if I opened the safety cage to the cab. So guess what, every stick I had to take to the job I had to cut to get it in or on my van otherwise it wopuld hang oner my ladder rack and beat the hell out of the van or hang 10' out of the back. I HATE GAS PIPING OUT OF A SERVICE TRUCK!

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    I hear ya. I stopped by a job last week that was just starting. Downflow in a kneewall with electric furnace. Turns out, the equipment the salesman called for would require the roof be cut out to be installed. I found another brand that would fit to save his job. He made hundreds, I got a free lunch

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    trane coils are taller.

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