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    I recently received another estimate to replace my current system. The estimate is for a Lennox system. I've never heard of it. The other companies recommend either Trane, Carrier, Luxaire or Amana. But, the price is very reasonable for the Lennox.

    Thoughts on what the technician is recommending?

    Lennox HPX12-036 (outdoor unit) with Lennox CBX32MV-036 (air handler). 13.15 Seer/HSPF 8.30


    Lennox HPX15-036 (outdoor unit0 with the Lennox CBX32MV-036 (air handler). Seer 14.10/HSPF 8.50.

    Both estimates are very reasonable compared to the other two that I received for Trane XL14i and Carrier Infinity. Its about $1,500 less than the other estimates.


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    I would jump on the HPX15 in a heartbeat. Unbeatable quality IMO. Very quiet operation with the Hush Tone cabinet. Excellent equipment choice. The HPX12 however is a smaller cube unit. Not nearly as quiet as the HPX15. I have several of those systems in the field with 100% success ratio at this point.
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    Lennox =
    Good if installed by good installers
    Bad if installed by bad installers

    ...just like any other brand.

    Why is the guy so much less?
    Does he have insurance, workers comp, drug tested employees?
    Something is up...
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    cant go wrong with the lenox i am bias though because i deal lenox lol
    all are good systems
    check on all warenties and have every thing in writing and a full expanation of what is going to be done
    lenox being that much cheaper is suprizing because it is top line product. all equipment is good as long as the install is good to
    check all contractors out and pick the one you like best

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    The Lennox product is not inferior to any of the other brand names you listed, of course all of the brands have different quality grades. Basically, limit your choices by only considering the contractors that you believe you can trust and then look at pricing second. Low prices lure the unsuspecting into doing something that they know they shouldn't do.

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    I would take the lennox package over any of the others,even if the price was higher.Lennox products are very depenable.

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    lennox very good equipment but besure the contractor does quality work ...

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